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Event Coordinator -
Paul Dombrowski
Woodward & Curran, Inc.

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2021 Process Control Event Description  3/9/20

If you are the Process Control Event Coordinator for a state, regional or MA, please send an email contact to Paul.  With the significant changes in the national event, he would like to be able to directly contact coordinators as we develop details of the event. 

This is a link to a recording of a recent webinar created by Hydromantis:  https://youtu.be/vb1fiJKFzrg   It is a demonstration of the process simulator that will be used at the WEFTEC competition this year.  Obviously these are practice scenarios and the WEFTEC scenarios will be different.  However the program interface will be the same.  You can download a practice simulator by contacting Hydromantis.
Many of the regional and state competitions may be using this simulator software as well.  As you work with the simulator, please provide feedback to us.  We want to weed out any potential problems so that this event will allow teams to earn points for their skills at plant control and not lose ground due to software interface peculiarities.

2020 WEF Operations Challenge Simulator and Multiple Choice Test Practice Version is available for download.

The practice version of the 2020 WEF Operations Challenge simulator and Multiple Choice Test is now available for teams to download.  Please go to the link below to download the software and request a keycode:

Click here Hydromantis Software Download

 Please note: the multiple choice test being completed on the computer is a change for this year.  Updated rules will be issued soon.

Please also download the PDF document that describes the treatment plant and the type of questions for 2019.  Please note: there is a new type of question this year.   Question 11 requires running a 5 day dynamic simulation, where the influent flow increases and decreases over time.  Please see the PDF handout for details on how this question works, and how it is scored.
If you have any issues with installing and activating the software, please contact support@hydromantis.com for assistance.

FAQ for Hydromantis OpTool Software Download, Installation and Licensing

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