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David Briggs 


Ask A Question  Questions accepted up until 10/3/22. Questions can be asked at the pre-competition meeting on Monday October 10th  in New Orleans.

2022 Collections Event Description 
Updated 2/5/22
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Table picture #5 shows a 16" gap between the pipe supports on the dry table. The diagram at the bottom of the Q&A page shows a 10" gap between these supports. What will the distance between the additional pipe supports on the dry table be during competition?
Thank you for the question.  The picture #5 is a picture of the actual table that we will use at the competition at WEFTEC, so the answer is 16 inches, approximately, as shown in the picture.  We will review and update the website.
Are there any changes to the in person competition this year compared with the 2019 in person event? I am in the process of updating the procedure for our association.Yes there are updates to the event procedure, please see link above.  The event is basically the same with some changes to the Sampler Instructions and a clarification about the lock on the tool box.  During the 3 minute event set-up under Required Procedures 1), One competitor must go with the sampler judge to the sampler.  The sampler judge will complete a factory setting default in front of one of the team members.1/11/22
What is the Pipe Type for the event.The pipe is is called out in the event procedures as 8-inch SDR 35 PVC pipe and is 6-foot long.  Your vendor can remove the bells and cut to length or you and your event volunteers can do it.  When practicing, many utilities will order complete joints of pipe and then cut and adjust as needed. 
Can two people hold the wood when driving the inserts tee?
The answer is No.  That would be considered an unsafe practice and would be penalized.   The same person using the hammer should be holding the wood.
Table Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 The tool box is made out of 3/4" plywood and is 19" h X 22"w X 39"l.
 Inserta Tee Rep, Mike Keene at:
(602) 708-3124
McMaster-Carr Ratchet-Bit Brace Hand Drill
Part number for the arbor/pilot hole drill bit that will fit into the McMaster-Carr ratchet bit brace hand drill and accommodate the Lenox 4.5 inch circular cutting bladeA 3/8” shank will fit in the braces. The part number we use at Nationals is the Lenox Tools 1779805 6L arbor. This arbor is a quick change arbor, It has a 3/8” shank and a ¼” bit that is approximately 3.25”. There are other manufacturers available as well.

Please note that at Nationals, most of our bit braces have been welded so that the shank cannot be removed from the brace, but this is not required.
The Lenox unit can be purchased on Amazon at:
While we use the McMaster-Carr ratcheting bit brace, many teams also use the Robert Larson 10 inch bit brace (also ratcheting). This bit brace confirms that it can take a shank up to ½” (thereby eliminating any concern of the shank not fitting). It is available on Amazon here:

Specific part numbers for the two flexible repair couplings.The repair coupling is an 8” repair coupling sized for an 8” SDR35 PVC pipe with an outside diameter of 8.4”. The couplings we use are the FERNCO Model 1056-88 (8” x 8” Flexible Coupling).

The bands we use are stainless steel only.
It is in Grainger’s catalog here:
And available online for sale at a great price here: