Message from Bill Peretti, President of RMWEA March 2024

As the winter is hopefully fading away into warmer weather, I’m excited for the upcoming year ahead. The changing of the season brings a sense of renewal, growth, and opportunity. It’s with great pleasure and anticipation that I bid farewell to winter and extend a warm welcome to the vibrant energy of spring. 
At the heart of RMWEA lies a steadfast commitment to elevating water professionals. We do this through one of the core values – the profound belief in the power of connection. Through our numerous in-person events, such as the recently concluded Fundamentals School in January, the upcoming Intermediate/Advanced School scheduled in March, the innovative Water Technology Seminar in February, and the Ops Challenge Regional event, to name a few, RMWEA strives to foster meaningful connections, among water professionals.
These gatherings are more than just opportunities for learning and gaining training units – they are hubs of collaboration and innovation. These in-person learning environments not only facilitate interaction with presenters but also encourage camaraderie and networking among attendees. The camaraderie is essential for fostering the relationships that lead to effective problem-solving and professional growth down the road.
I would also like to take a moment to highlight another core value of RMWEA: collaboration. This year marks a unique milestone as I serve as president for my second term. I am immensely grateful for the collaborative spirit exhibited by two past presidents currently serving on the Executive Committee as joint Immediate Past Presidents, Jamie Safulko and Hannah Fodor. Their leadership and dedication to RMWEA have been instrumental in keeping RMWEA moving forward and consistent, but selfishly speaking, making my role much easier. Additionally, the RMWEA and our partner RMSAWWA are continuing to collaborate to create opportunities that will reach more members and bring more value to our respective organizations and industries. 
As always, please be sure to check the RMWEA calendar for upcoming events. The calendar can be found under the events tab at If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions about RMWEA, please feel free to reach out to me or anyone else on the RMWEA board. The RMWEA can always use more volunteers.